Art of Healing

Healing is an intricate art, an inherent ability within each of us waiting to be awakened. Within the Sacred Sanctuary of our bodies, we are energetic beings, each carrying unique emotional imprints from this lifetime and beyond. Unaddressed, some of these imprints may manifest as dis-ease, self-sabotaging behaviors or chronic conditions.

To truly heal, recognizing that we are not merely human bodies, we must journey through all levels (koshas) of our being, befriending our wounds rather than suppressing them.

If you are ready to shed false personas, break free from repetitive patterns, and rediscover your authentic self by activating the Inner Healer within, I look forward to being your Energetic Coach on your spiritual journey to Sacred-Union with yourself, which is truly the essence of yoga. 

Hello, I'm Nohi.

With 16 years dedicated to exploring the art of holistic healing practices, I am a certified trauma-informed yoga instructor, energy healer, and art therapy practitioner.

Drawing from my own experiences of overcoming trauma, I empower individuals to explore their inner realms and cultivate self-healing through art, yoga, and multiple Energy Healing modalities.

My Certifications
Diploma in Art Therapy
Advanced Pranic & Crystal Healing

Reiki Level 2
Level 1 Arhatic Yoga
RYT 300 

Trauma Informed Coach

My Specializations

My Offerings

Pre-Natal Yoga Sessions

These personal sessions are tailored for expecting mothers to create and nurture a sacred womb space for the souls awaiting birth. While yogasanas prepare the physical space for the growing baby, Light Language channeled during the sessions builds energetic abode for the new lives embarking on their journey on “New Earth”.

Online Session | $88 | 60 Mins 

In Person Session starting at  | $121 | 60 Mins

 In-Person Locations Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken, Midtown Manhattan

Vinyasa Sessions

These private sessions aid in developing metacognition about the mind-body-breath connection. I will guide you to consciously move prana through each body part, focusing on breath to quiet the mind. This invigorating practice cultivates both physical strength and mental endurance, while yoga nidra at the session’s conclusion integrates the practice spiritually.

Over time these sessions help in overcoming addictions and slowing down a racing mind, bringing peace and self-awareness.

Online Session | $77 | 60 Mins 

In-Person Session starting at  | $111 | 60 Mins

 In-Person Locations Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken and Midtown Manhattan

Soul Light Support/Trauma-Informed Coaching Sessions

Delve into the root causes behind the emotions, patterns, and energies hindering your true radiance and authenticity. Through Light Language channeling, I facilitate quieting the mind’s chatter and guide you into a theta state. With the consent of your higher self and teams of light, we explore your energetic field, empowering you to release all that no longer serves you in this lifetime and beyond.


I don’t heal you; I awaken your inner healer to facilitate self-healing.

Initial Consultation | $222 | 75 Mins 

Following Session | $144 | 60 Mins

Therapeutic ART Healing Sessions

Art heals, and I stand as a living testament to its transformative power. In these sessions, my goal is not only to awaken your creative genius but also to aid you in navigating challenging personal issues. These sessions are more than mere art lessons; they’re a safe space where your emotions find voice through artistic creation and this creative expression acts a gateway to self-healing. Together, we explore various art mediums and techniques, allowing your inner world to unfold on the canvas.


Through this process, we address personal challenges, foster self-awareness, and pave a path towards healing and growth. Ready to harness the therapeutic potential of art and embark on a journey of self-exploration, book a free clarity call.

Initial Consultation | $222 | 75 Mins 

Following Session | $144 | 60 Mins

Personalized Light Language Recordings

Receive personalized Light Language recordings channeled just for you for which I will connect with your higher self and energetic field. You can listen to the recordings whenever you’re guided to. These light codes heal across different layers, activating dormant aspects and clearing the subconscious each time you listen. Simply email me an issue you wish to address, and your Light Language recording will be sent directly to your inbox. Sometimes along with Light Language there can be a channeled message for the conscious mind if I am intuitively guided to.

Approx 15-20 minutes of personalized Light Language Activation

Turnaround Time: 1 week | $88.88 per recording

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