Artist Nohi Mehrotra with her painting, Arrival of the Angels
Artist Nohi Mehrotra with her painting, Arrival of the Angels

With healing hands, I paint ethereal strands,
a tapestry of light-codes, music’s commands,
each brushstroke a melody, healing and pure,
in harmonious union, art’s divine allure.


b. Kanpur, India

As a partial synesthete and an intuitive energy healer, Nohi Mehrotra uniquely weaves music, colors and healing into a visual symphony. Her paintings, bursting with vivid colors and textured compositions, are coded with light-language and invite viewers to heal and awaken dormant aspects of their subconscious. 

Nohi’s artistic sojourn draws from her rich Indian upbringing. Enchanting melodies of Sufi and Hindustani Classical music and vibrant textiles and her father’s bipolar journey inspired her deeply. Music became his refuge, which left an indelible mark on Nohi.

She ventured to New York in 2011, to pursue her visual-arts career, studying at the renowned School of Visual Arts and The Art Student’s League.

In 2019, Nohi was featured painting live in a documentary “Dialogues with Zuleyha,” where she collaborated with a music therapist, offering the audience an immersive healing experience. Nohi’s paintings have found their place in private collections in India, Turkey, Texas, New York and New Jersey.

Solo Exhibitions
2022 Micro-Solo at Barsky Gallery, Hoboken, NJ
2021 “The Arrival-Expressions of Nohi” Hamilton Square Condominiums, Jersey City, NJ
2020 “Awakening” at A Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
2018 “Sound To Silence” at The Nilson Gallery, Monmouth Museum, NJ

Two/Three Person Exhibition

2023 “Is/Is Not” at EONTA SPACE, Jersey City, NJ

2021 “Follow Spot” with Thomas Carlson, Firmament Gallery, at Nimbus Arts Centre Jersey City, NJ


Group Exhibitions

2024 Art House Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
2023 The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Bedminster, NJ

2023 Art House Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
2022 Barsky Gallery, Westfield, NJ
2022 EONTA Space, Jersey City, NJ
2022 Firmament Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
2021 Proto Gallery, Hoboken, NJ
2021 Issyra Gallery, Hoboken, NJ
2019-2021 The Conference Board Head Quarters, NYC
2020 Monmouth Museum Virtual Gallery, NJ
2019 Port Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey

2019 107 Bowers Gallery & Art Space, Jersey City, NJ
2018 JCAST HQ Pop up Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
2017 Galeria ESPAI B, Barcelona, Spain
2017 Estudio Nomada, Barcelona, Spain
2016 Phyllis Harriman Gallery, NYC
2015 4th Annual Spring Art Exhibition, Grand Central Corps., NYC
2015 Phyllis Harriman Gallery, NYC
2014 Phyllis Harriman Gallery, NYC


2020 South Asian Artist Resiliency Fund by The India Art Centre
2018 Jerry Goldstein Foundation Artist Merit and Achievement Award
2017 Xavier Gonzalez and Ethel Edwards Travel Grant
2015 Reginald Marsh and Felicia Meyers Scholarship

2019 Featured in “Dialogues with Zuleyha” filmed in Turkey and screened at Yarat Contemporary Art Space, Azerbaijan and Czech Republic.


Artist Talk
December 2023 The Centre for Contemporary Art, Bedminster, NJ

May 2018 Nilson Gallery, Monmouth Museum



2023 – Celebrating the work of Contemporary Indo-American Artists with ‘Kendra’

2023 through the assumptive gaze in Eonta Space’s ‘Is / Is Not.

2022 Jersey City Times- The “Troublemakers” of EONTA Space Reopen With a Roomful of Good Trouble.
2021 Silverman Group presents art opening “The Arrival-Expressions of Nohi”
2019 LINEA – Studio Notes from the Art Students League of New York – “Vidhi Mehrotra Garden of Eden- Recipient of the Xavier Gonzales and Ethel Edwards Travel Grant”
2017 The Atelier Magazine – Interconnectedness “A painting by Vidhi Mehrotra”
2018 Various Newspaper Media Group – “Monmouth Museum Presents – Sound to Silence -Vidhi Mehrotra”
2016 LINEA – Studio Notes from the Art Students League of New York – “Vidhi Mehrotra – Blue Recipient of the Reginald Marsh And Felicia Meyers Scholarship”

Art Residency
Sep 2017 Hannacc, Spain
Oct 2017 Mas Els Igols, Spain


Art Education
2022-2023 Diploma in Art Therapy
2014-2017 The Art Students League of NY
2012-2017 Continuing Education at The School of Visual Arts, NYC


Other Education
2007 MBA, Indira School of Management Studies, India
2003 Bachelor of Information Technology, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India

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