Life beyond Matrix

Many a time we ask who are we, why are we here. But are we really ready for the answers?

We are so lost in human life, complacent with our limited perspective that we don’t look beyond the apparent. Or are we afraid to look beyond the known and the seen?

Our true self lies beyond the fears.

And here is my journey to what followed after I started getting the answers…

2 years ago in Bodrum, Turkey I had my walk-in experience. An aspect of me awakened bringing with it lots of memories both comfortable and uncomfortable. However to create space for the long-forgotten aspects I had to let go of aspects which were not serving me anymore. Letting go was not easy. But it was my choice to do it either with grace or suffering….

Gradually I started accepting my multidimensional nature. A light grid worker, a healer, an indigo being, a way-shower, twin-flame, star seed were a few aspects that I started to remember. Clairsentient and clairaudient channels started to open slowly. To my human mind, it was incomprehensible and uncomfortable. But my heart💜 knew. It just knew whom to meet, where to go. Every time the mind doubted the journey I received guidance to trust the inner knowing. Constantly supported by the unseen and seen I kept meeting many people who had walked this path before making this journey tolerable for the human. Beautiful galactic family, earth angels, were and continue to be there to support this journey to ONEness through love.

The old life crumbled paving way for a new one. The only thing that remained constant is my art based on high-frequency music. When I started painting the way I paint today I had no idea what was happening.. I was just following the music with an intention to bring forth love and joy…. In 2018 I realised that these paintings are energetic renderings and carry light codes and subliminal messages for the DNA, to help the viewers including me, awaken some of our subconscious aspects and assist in ascension journey. Now I paint with awareness and intention and channelling these messages is even more joyful.

It does not matter if it changes the way some people will perceive my paintings or me from now on. It is time to reveal and come out of my spiritual closet.

Do I have all the answers yet? Not really…

Am I just these remembered aspects? I am all these and beyond. But I know I am here to be the light, and let others see their light through my presence and my creations.

I am sharing this now, as many are and will start experiencing sudden unexplainable life changes. If your life seems out of alignment then it is and soon you will be directed to the path of your highest potential. At such moments it is important to remember that you are not alone, all is well taken care of. Life/ light is beautiful.

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