2023 – Celebrating the work of Contemporary Indo-American Artists with ‘Kendra’

2023 through the assumptive gaze in Eonta Space’s ‘Is / Is Not

2022 Jersey City Times- The “Troublemakers” of EONTA Space Reopen With a Roomful of Good Trouble.

2021 Silverman Group presents art opening “The Arrival-Expressions of Nohi”

2019 LINEA – Studio Notes from the Art Students League of New York – “Vidhi Mehrotra Garden of Eden- Recipient of the Xavier Gonzales and Ethel Edwards Travel Grant”

2017 The Atelier Magazine – Interconnectedness “A painting by Vidhi Mehrotra”

2018 Various Newspaper Media Group – “Monmouth Museum Presents – Sound to Silence -Vidhi Mehrotra”


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